People & Culture at Malik Security Services

Our Most Valuable Asset

At Malik Security Services, our people are our most valuable asset. They determine the success of our business and, in turn, the satisfaction of our clients. The People and Culture (P&C) team’s purpose is to cultivate a high-performing organizational culture with proactive programs designed to meet the needs of the business and its clients. This is achieved through the dedicated efforts of our teams in human resources, industrial relations, training and development, recruitment, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Our award-winning P&C team is responsible for attracting and retaining top talent by offering challenging and rewarding careers, great employee benefits, and opportunities for personal development and progression within Malik Security. We use a defined and standardized process when selecting new recruits, ensuring all candidates are provided with equal employment opportunities, in line with State and Federal anti-discrimination legislation. Our recruitment and selection practices are open, competitive, and based on merit.

Training and Career Development

Once a candidate joins Malik Security, the P&C team provides extensive opportunities for training and career progression. Our accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO), the Malik Security Training Academy, offers a variety of industry-specific, customer service, and client-specific programs. These programs, both compulsory and elective, enable employees to develop and consolidate their skills, enhancing their job prospects and career pathways.

Key Initiatives

The People & Culture team drives numerous initiatives to support and foster the Malik Security team, including:

  • Facilitating a High-Performance Culture: Encouraging excellence in every aspect of our operations.
  • Building Diversity: Focusing on employment opportunities for women and Indigenous peoples.
  • Learning and Development: Providing continuous learning opportunities to enhance skills and career growth.
  • Meaningful Employee Programs: Establishing initiatives that support our workforce.
  • Career Progression: Offering clear pathways for career advancement.
  • Promoting Safety, Health, and Well-Being: Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Employee Benefits and Recognition: Facilitating reward and recognition programs.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Offering confidential short-term counseling and support.

Employee Feedback and Engagement

As part of our commitment to providing a positive work environment, the P&C team gathers feedback from Malik Security’s workforce and conducts company-wide surveys. These surveys capture input from all staffing levels, assisting the company with future planning of people strategies. We are proud to report that our ongoing surveys indicate high levels of engagement and satisfaction among our employees.

Join Our Team

Malik Security is constantly seeking talented individuals to join our expanding organization. Explore the opportunities at Malik Security Services today and become part of a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic team dedicated to excellence in service and community safety.

People & Culture