Arts, Events & Recreation Security Services

Comprehensive Security Solutions Across Australia

Malik Security Services excels in delivering diverse security solutions across all market segments, supported by a highly skilled workforce and robust infrastructure in every state and territory. Our expansive reach and unparalleled capability underscore our commitment to addressing the distinct security requirements of our customers. Strategically positioned nationwide, our adept workforce ensures a comprehensive and agile response to security challenges, offering adaptable and effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of each market segment.

Custom Solutions with a Focus on Assurance

Our security services provide high levels of assurance to our customers through a dynamic and experienced team. We engage actively with clients to comprehend their security concerns and devise customized solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, industry best practices, and a dedication to continuous improvement, we aim to surpass expectations. Our extensive security infrastructure not only addresses the immediate needs of our clients but also anticipates and adapts to the evolving landscape, ensuring enduring peace of mind and confidence in their security arrangements.

Specialized Security Services

General Security Services

  • Access Control: Perimeter and venue access management.
  • Corporate Functions: Tailored security for corporate events.
  • Customer Service: Including concierge services and reception duties.
  • Car Park Access Control: Ensuring secure parking facilities.
  • VIP Protection: Close personal protection for VIPs.
  • Service of Alcohol Guards: Responsible alcohol service.
  • First Aid Response: Immediate first aid support.
  • 24-Hour Security: Pre and post-event asset protection.
  • Public Liaison: Providing directions, answering questions, etc.
  • Lost Property: Cloaking and recording lost items.
  • CCTV Coverage: Security control room and ECC monitoring.
  • Metal Detector Screening: Hand-held device screening.
  • Static Guarding: Stationary security presence.
  • Mobile Patrols: Regular security patrols.
  • Alarm Monitoring: Alarm response services.
  • Building Services Monitoring: Reporting on cleaning and safety issues.

Major Events Security

Our Major Events Team specializes in providing security for globally recognized annual events. With extensive experience, our highly skilled and customer-focused event guards ensure the protection of hundreds of thousands of attendees, including spectators, visitors, competitors, and VIPs. Our success in major events stems from meticulous pre-planning, personnel committed to customer service, compliance with customer requirements, comprehensive training, and expert execution of professional security management.

Galleries & Museums

Australia’s galleries and museums serve as crucial hubs for public education and entertainment through exhibits and functions. Our security guards extend their role beyond securing the venue and its contents to encompass significant customer service responsibilities. Malik Security Services ensures a roster of suitably qualified casual security guards in each state and territory, ready to meet demand spikes caused by extended opening hours and heightened public traffic during exhibitions, functions, and events.

Why Choose Malik Security Services?

By choosing Malik Security Services, you are selecting a partner dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable, and professional security solutions. Our commitment to excellence, customer-centric approach, and innovative security practices ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations, providing the highest level of security and peace of mind.