Education Security Solutions by Malik Security Services

Safeguarding Australia’s Tertiary Education Sector

Malik Security Services stands as a forefront provider of security solutions in Australia’s tertiary education sector, pioneering genuine campus-focused innovations. We understand the intricacies of educational environments and prioritize delivering comprehensive security services that safeguard assets, infrastructure, and reputation while fostering cultural awareness and a customer-centric approach for staff, students, and visitors.

Tailored Security Solutions

With over two decades of experience engaging with the tertiary education sector, our adept contract management teams and guards are well-equipped to tackle the unique challenges related to campus security. From addressing vulnerabilities to mitigating threats, theft, and ensuring personal safety, we handle every aspect with sensitivity and professionalism. Leveraging our advanced security audit program, we identify the specific security requirements of each campus and craft tailored security plans to effectively manage and mitigate risks. Our longstanding commitment to the tertiary education sector reflects our dedication to enhancing safety, fostering conducive learning environments, and contributing to the overall well-being of campus communities.

Services Offered

  • Security Guards: Professional security personnel stationed to ensure the safety and security of educational institutions.

  • Residential Guards: Dedicated guards to safeguard residential areas within campus premises.

  • Access Control: Managing access points to regulate entry and ensure the security of campus facilities.

  • Concierge / Reception Services: Providing welcoming and professional reception services to enhance the experience of visitors and staff.

  • Foot, Vehicle, and Bicycle Patrols: Regular patrols to monitor campus grounds and prevent security breaches.

  • Special Events Security: Comprehensive security coverage for special events such as graduations, orientations, social gatherings, and exams.

  • Control Room Operation: Monitoring security systems and coordinating responses to incidents from dedicated control rooms.

  • Traffic and Car Park Management: Efficient management of traffic flow and parking areas to ensure safety and convenience.

  • Attendant Services: Offering assistance and guidance to students and visitors as needed.

  • Student Transport: Providing safe and reliable transportation services for students within campus premises.

  • Emergency Planning and Response Exercises: Conducting drills and exercises to prepare for and respond to emergency situations effectively.

Partner with Malik Security Services

Malik Security Services is committed to providing top-tier security solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of educational institutions. With our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to excellence, we ensure the safety and security of campus environments, promoting a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth.